Monday, November 23, 2009

moving units...

art-vend has taken to Footscray station like a duck to water. I'm pleased to say that at the midway stage of the Big West Festival the machine is still in tip top shape, touch wood, apart from a quick maintenance call to free a runaway artwork that had wedged itself sideways somehow. The artwork in question was provided by my mother-in-law, the irony not lost on me! I'm hoping to get through a bit more art before art-vend's final day at the station this Sunday the 29th. Monday will see the machine picked up and given the next day off before delivery to Kingston Arts Centre gallery in Moorabbin on Wednesday. For all in the west, get down to Footscray before the 29th to become an art-vend collector, and for those in the south, sit tight, we'll be there soon.

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