Friday, November 20, 2009

day one...

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, yesterday art-vend was delivered, loaded up with heaps of tiny pieces of beautiful art, plugged in and left unsupervised! I had to hurry back due to a mild case of separation anxiety to check on her 24 hours after installation, and am pleased to report that the good people of Footscray have so far treated her well. There is still plenty of great drawings, prints, stories, poems and other awesome art bits to be packaged and loaded, just take a look at art-vend's flickr page for images Also take a look at these links to articles on art-vend on Artshub and in the local rag, The Maribyrnong Leader

Next stop will be Kingston Art Centre Gallery for the summer, so if you would still like to submit for art-vend there is still plenty of time and plenty of opportunity.

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  1. Dear art-vend. In torrential rain and in the absence of trains running on the Williamstown and Werribee lines today, not to mention all the construction at Footscray Station, my daughter and I found your lovely vending machine. Once there, which ones to select? They all looked so enticing. Was bigger better? Or smaller more sweet? We finally settled on 3, and took them home to savour the opening. Love them. Thanks Daniel, Michael & Lewis. But I fear this is addictive. JA from Williamstown. 22 Nov 09