Friday, August 7, 2009

Big West Festival 2009

Art-vend is currently inviting submissions for Footscray's Big West Festival, running from November 20 - 29 2009. Any and all work submitted, be they paintings, prints, drawings, stories, poems, get the point, will be put up on this site and offered for sale through Art-vend. It will be the luck of the draw what piece of art the consumer gets, but rest comfortably in the knowledge you've just made an art collector out of someone who perhaps otherwise wasn't. The machine is set to $1.20 which covers packaging, admin and maintenance of the machine (nearly), but we ensure the artists do not go unrecognised; if you send in a bio with your submission we will include it in the packaging and post artists links on this site.
Art-vend encourages multiple submissions from individuals, after all, they'll fit snuggly in a standard envelope. Submissions can be mailed to Art-vend at 9 Colebrook St Brunswick 3056, poetry or prose can be emailed to along with any queries you might have.


  1. what a cool cool..
    I would like to submit some works, do they have to be originals? copies? printed out on paper? or photographs? what format?

  2. What a fantastic've got me very interested. Do you accept non-fiction stories?

  3. thanks for your interest guys. art-vend will accept original works in any format. Non-fiction stories are fine too, as long as all work submitted is the original work of the person submitting.